3 Powerful Ways To Stop Letting Others Opinions Control You​

Have you ever found yourself in this cycle?

“You have a surge of inspiration which you share with another person, but then they end up raining on your parade, and you eventually lose that spark you just had?”

Well, the quote you are about to experience is the perfect remedy you’ll need to start practising the art of not giving a fuck about what they think (yeah… I said it… It’s time for you to release that emotion!).

So keep on reading while I’ll share with you 3 powerful ways that can help you to start embracing your authentic self, while releasing the hold others opinions have on you.

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When You Trust In Your Inner Guidance, Your Whole World Starts To Open Up To You...

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Make space To Release...

The Art Of Acceptance

TRANSPARENCY ALERT: I’ll be sharing out some home truths throughout this post. So if you feel uncomfortable at any point, please feel free to pause, take a deep breath, and open your mind to freely receive the information from a different perspective. There may also be affiliate links, and we make a commission at no extra cost to you.

Putting this into practise is a HUGE accomplishment already, seriously! 

Just the act of you allowing yourself to agree to disagree and accept that your beliefs are different and that’s okay, is a major step in the right direction.

You see… the majority of people are out there to prove their ego right, so they can feel a sense of satisfaction. 

But what they don’t realise, is that the joy they feel is only a temporary fix that will fade away when the next conversation starts. 

I can state this with conviction, as I was also one of those people who also went through this phase.

This is mainly due to everyone having their own version of truths based on the beliefs they have learnt along their journey of life.

Some of the ways that you can start to release this habit, is to trial out the following and see what resonates with you the most:

Verbally voice "I disagree, but I accept that's how you feel and that's okay", then check in with yourself and see how YOU feel inside.

Practice being content inside yourself with your belief without having to voice it out loud (this one is something you will have to practise and build up to)

Walk away if they are becoming too forceful. You ARE NOT obliged to stay in any situation you feel uncomfortable being in.

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Silence Is Your Best Friend...

The Art Of Tuning Out Their Noise

quote insight img

If you ever find yourself overwhelmed in a sea of opinions on how to run your life, then this art is exactly what you need to implement.

Sometimes being empathetic, can lead to you to the other extreme side of the coin. This is where you end up losing sight of who you are because you have taken in too much outside opinions aka energy.

For you to start hearing YOU again (your wants, needs, desires, voice, etc), my best advice is to take some time alone to do some serious purging.

It is during this process, that you will start to hear the voice of you that’s been calling for your attention to express.

Become Your Best Advisor...

The Art Of Trusting Yourself

This one I feel is THE most important out of the 3 methods you are reading about today. 

Let me ask you this question:

When was the last time YOU gave yourself permission to do something because you were inspired by it, or you were drawn to it?

I would like for you to sit with that question for a moment… 

Because the act of trying to convince others, is actually you giving your power away to be comfortable and confident in the choice you have made for yourself…

Now you are aware of this, you’re in the perfect position to change how things currently are. Now, this won’t be an instant fix, I just want to set your expectations.

When you take the time to focus on adding more and more trust in yourself, the need to validate your actions/thoughts with others starts to fade away with each step you take.

For Example:

Trusting yourself to buy the food that feels right for your body to eat


Trusting that you picked the right outfit for you to match the mood you are in


Trusting you made the right decision when it comes to interacting with others

I hope you are catching the flow of where I’m going here. These examples might seem like simple things, but the power is in the method of repetition, not the vehicle that it’s being practised on.

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Final Insights...

The best thing you can do for yourself, is to realise that you’ll never be able to please everybody.

Once you accept that there are going to be people who won’t appreciate your ideas, then your life will be a LOT more easy going. 

So it’s about time that you spent your energy catering to your wants and needs. Just do what feels right for you and your own mental wellbeing. 

Be confident and courageous in who YOU are and in the ideas you have, and don’t let anyone bring you down when you stand up for what you believe in.

B.T.W. – If you have experienced any other ways to practice trusting in yourself more, please do pop them in the usual spot below. I’d love to hear more about how they have helped to transform your life.

I’ll see you on the next one, and as always, here’s to your many ABUNDANT evolutions 🥂.

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